Microcurrent RevitaPen, non-acid facial infusion, Facial Contouring Massage, LED light panel


This treatment doesn’t just focus on the visible signs of age on the skin, it addresses the cause of aging skin and works to improve the skin function and structure.  The result is more firmness, even skin tone, a smooth look and feel, and increased luminosity.

60 minute essential treatment   -   $125

90 minute elite remedy   -   $165

Modalities* include:  Microcurrent, RevitaPen, non-acid facial infusion, Facial Contouring Massage, LED light panel, Casmara molding mask 

*Modalities are selected based on current skin condition at the time of your appointment. 

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deep pour cleanse enzymes peel extraction LED exfoliation mask


Do you want clean skin without leaving the studio red, blotchy, and feeling picked on?  Breakouts, blackheads, and clogged pores are symptoms of your skins health.  A deep cleanse, including gentle exfoliation and extractions followed by a healing mask, will help reduce purging activity, while calming your skin.  

60 minute clearing remedy   -   $125

Modalities include: 

75 minute light therapy    -    $150

Modalities include: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory LED panel

45 minute teen clean   -   $85  (teens only)

Modalities include: cleansing, extractions, healing mask



Don’t know what type of facial is for you?  Just want to relax and be pampered a bit?  This is your facial.  Classic style with cleansing, facial contouring massage, and mask.  You will feel so good, you won’t want to leave.

60 minute indulgence   -   $125


Reiki Energy

Rebalance your chakras and center your soul with a Reiki Energy facial.  If you want to restore your sense of well being, give this treatment a try.  Gemstones and reiki healing energy are incorporated in this wonderful and relaxing therapy.

60 minutes of heaven   -   $150