Experience skin care at a new level.  More than a relaxing spa facial, this is where your skin care journey begins.  A customized treatment beginning with a consultation to determine your goals, then specially selected products and modalities (skincare tools), along with holistic techniques, will immediately create a beautiful change in your skin.  Whether you are visiting the area, getting ready for an event, or ready to change your skin with a series of treatments, you will not find a more skilled esthetician who truly desires to make you love your skin again.

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How does Shawn get you the most amazing results in skin care? By using the most effective equipment and techniques available. Shawn’s approach is holistic; she chooses to create a healing response rather than a wounding response in the skin and believes this results in healthier skin, which looks and functions in the most beautiful way.

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Home Care


Why buy a skincare product online when you don’t know if it’s the correct product for you or even if it is a good product?  Many online product sales are a waste of money, as they can be expired, counterfeit, or just not the right formula for your skin type and condition.  Shawn has studied ingredients and knows good from bad, plus she has the experience and knowledge to recommend the best products for achieving your skin care goals.  Don’t waste your money on bad products. Shawn stands behind all of the products at Calistoga Skincare and Waxing and will work with you to find the right products and ingredients to refresh, restore, and protect your skin.

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