Calistoga Skincare and Waxing proudly uses Beelicious wax, a hand packaged wax made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients and no hazardous chemicals. Imagine that, a wax from someone who cares about your personal comfort and great results with little or no sensitivity! 

Beelicious Pina Colada Hard Wax, one of the waxes used at Calistoga Skincare and Waxing, was nominated for the 2018 Dermascopes’ Aestheticians Choice Award in the natural hair removal category. 



Shawn started as a makeup artist, and therefore has a keen eye for the perfect eyebrow.  While she keeps up with trends, she knows that your face and your brows are uniquely yours and sometimes trends don’t work for you.  She can shape, correct, and give you tools and techniques to create your perfect eyebrows.

Eyebrow shape & design   $25.00


Bikini & Brazilian

“Waxing is about the skin, not the hair,” says Beelicious wax creator Crickett Enos, aka The Wax Chick.  At Calistoga Skincare and Waxing, Shawn uses two amazing Beelicious hard waxes for the bikini line and full Brazilian style. Many of Shawn’s clients have been with her for years, travel far distances, and refer their friends.  Once you start waxing, you’ll never go back to shaving! 


shape on top, wax just inside the panty line (women only)  $55.00


everything removed from pubic bone to tailbone (women only) $75.00